Hello and welcome to Vivian Vo productions! Thank you so much for taking the very first steps in allowing us to start bringing your vision to life through our creative process. What makes Vivian Vo productions different from other photographers you ask?? That is simple! Our fashion styling, modeling and fashion background is what allows our vision to translate so magically through the lens and into your pictures. It's not just the outcome of stunning photography but the experience and our storytelling capabilities. We like to create stories through wardrobe, colors, and capturing those candid, raw moments that you can keep and cherish for years to come. We cannot wait to meet with you to start this photo shoot.

If your session is at our studio please select from the following below:


Here are some examples with the different color backgrounds, to give you an idea.

We are thrilled to work with you on our upcoming photoshoot! Preparation is key to ensuring a photoshoot runs smoothly and on schedule. Below is a checklist in preparation for your session.


-Hair must be washed and dried.

-We recommend to wash hair the night before.

-Face must be clean with no makeup and moisturized with no SPF.

-Please provide us with any makeup allergies, if needed.

-Manicured nails natural or french unless mentioned otherwise.

-Undergarments must be nude or appropriate.

-Bring any additional items, if requested.

-Please provide us with any food allergies, if needed.

We pride ourselves with professionalism and passion. We look forward to creating magic -behind the lens with you.


-Come with hair and makeup done.

-Wardrobe should be steamed and pressed.

-It is recommended to carry in a garment bag to avoid creating wrinkles.

-We recommend manicured nails as they will show in your images.

-So make sure you groom accordingly to match your outfits!

-Undergarments should be nude or appropriate for the particular look you are going for. We wouldn’t want it to be peeking through or out of the clothing!

-Feel free to bring any additional items, such as accessories and personal props.

-Please also bring any imagery that you would like to use as inspiration for your shoot if you did not already send to us!

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