Advertising Photography

Food Photography

Food photography requires an eye for color, texture, lighting and meticulous attention to detail. Staging, composition, and styling is important to Vivian. A foodie herself, Vivian appreciates all of the details involved in the  restaurant experience from interior design, environment, music, presentation to the art of balancing the perfect combination of ingredients to produce savory dishes. As a food photographer, you can expect speed, efficiency and precise  planning.    

Product Photography

Part of marketing brands properly is having quality product photography that best showcase your products and story to your consumers. Vivian and her team understands that product placements needs to be strategic, marries well into the environment and creates a mood to be conveyed to your customers. With her background in styling, Vivian can take the creative direction lead for your campaign shoot or work closely with your Creative Director to ensure that your visions is captured by maximizing studio time and within the frames taken during production.

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